Probably not.

I don’t let people read the things I write and I suppose, is that selfish? I just mean.. I would probably be told that my grammar is horrendous or that my wording is mismatched and it doesn’t make sense. But in my head I’m Stephen Chbosky. I adore writing, I really do. But it’s hard to come up with things to write about everyday. Normal people would write about drama, sports, or just their day in general. But that is so boring. I cannot and will not write about that. So if you’re here for the sports scores, cooking recipes, or gossip on the web, this is definitely not the right place. Sorry about that. (not really) I won’t post things everyday. I won’t always have correct grammar or the correct wording and, that’s ok with me.


About lanesway

I am a collection of paradoxes. I am indecisive with a mind made up, idealistic but realistic, an occupant of the present but a quiet admirer of the past, I find comfort in knowing where I am but love feeling lost. I don’t really take myself too seriously and I’m usually shy and quiet. However, I can be wild and crazy when I want to be. I’m also terrible at writing about myself.

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