Instrumental Music

I’m in love with Instrumental music lately. I’ve realized that not only with instrumental music can you create your own words to the song. But you can also create a scenario of something happening. Almost like a book. In a way it is a book. Book make you create pictures in your mind. But these you can create whatever you want as long as it fits the theme. I love it. My favorite is Explosions in the Sky. They have the perfect music to create a story to. PERFECT. I love every one of their songs, and they’re all somewhat different. So no Image matter what there will always be a different story to it.


About lanesway

I am a collection of paradoxes. I am indecisive with a mind made up, idealistic but realistic, an occupant of the present but a quiet admirer of the past, I find comfort in knowing where I am but love feeling lost. I don’t really take myself too seriously and I’m usually shy and quiet. However, I can be wild and crazy when I want to be. I’m also terrible at writing about myself.

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