Exactly four times a day.  Four times a day of passing him through the hallways. Four times of seeing him, being near him.  

Continuously aching to talk to him, and laugh with him. 

Seeing him with his friends, smiling and laughing.

Unaware of the girl that passes him with wide hazel eyes, smiling, trying to ignore the feeling of her heart stopping when she sees him.

She turns around at the exact moment her heart is breaking, shattered into a million pieces.

When she realizes that he didn’t even notice. He never will.

She’s just a shadow to him. An echo of a thousand other faces that he sees in the hallways.

She will never be anything except another face to him.

She falls deeper in love everyday and he is oblivious.



About lanesway

I am a collection of paradoxes. I am indecisive with a mind made up, idealistic but realistic, an occupant of the present but a quiet admirer of the past, I find comfort in knowing where I am but love feeling lost. I don’t really take myself too seriously and I’m usually shy and quiet. However, I can be wild and crazy when I want to be. I’m also terrible at writing about myself.

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