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Why We Worry

From day to day you may hear people claim that they “aren’t beautiful enough” or “aren’t skinny enough”. It may be just a normal thing to hear because everyone at one time has said something similar to this. Should it be a normal thing though? I mean, everyone has a different look (I could throw a million statements in here such as, “No two people are alike” but I’ll refrain). That means everyone is something different from the inside out. So why do we cast off some and idolize others? Does one person control who gets to be the fairest of them all?

Say you have a garden of flowers and they’re all different, but the gardener only chooses one lucky flower to put in a vase on her table. What about the others? Are they automatically ugly because the gardener didn’t pick them? Of course not.

Why should it be this way then? Throwing others down because they were the “unfortunate ones”. We should be lifting them up and saying, “You’re the ones that are alive. You’re the ones that are spared. You’re the ones that are so radiant you needed to be left to brighten someone’s day. “

I wish that you would see it this way. Even though some may be talked about more than you. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t as beautiful. You don’t have to be “skinny” or “hot“. You have to be you. Your beautiful self. Please don’t think that you need to impress someone just to be noticed. Please don’t think that you need to be a certain way. Please understand that you excel and you dominate what any other lucky flower couldn’t do. Which is ironic because you’re just being you.