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To Be Defined

Everyone in the World is defined.

They all have names. Some might be rich, poor, famous, shy, fat, loud, pretty, smart, dumb, etc…

Even though everybody acts like they can’t be defined by others, they are. See, defining seems like a pretty word for judging. They judge you based on everything. You and I may be guilty of doing this. It’s been going on for so long that the rest of the World just follows along with old traditions. Then they give bad names to those who try to stop it. 

Crazy, right?

So those of us who try to stop the nonsense, or so called judging, then get called “unnameable”, or “avoidable” in terms of everyone that we’ve upset with our non judgement. *notice more judgement after being accused*

So there really is no way of getting rid of these stereotypical names for everyone. Unless, we have a crazy epidemic in which people’s brains are wiped.  I wish it was easier and we could just see people and understand. We don’t have to call people out on what they should already know. Sure, it’s nice to hear, “You’re pretty” occasionally. But defining that person by one word and moving on is not okay. You can’t get to know that person if all you’re focused on is, “pretty”. That would be hard, on the person and on yourself.

Just look at others and understand that it’s not humanly possible to be defined by one.single.word. Humans have personalities and those come with a lot of words. Would you like to be described with one word?